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When Reliable Towing Services Become a Good Driver’s Best Friend

If you are a careful driver, not only will you be ensuring that you are safe while you are on the road, but you are also ensuring that you do no harm to pedestrians and to your fellow drivers. Given how busy roads have become, even those found in rural areas, it is sometimes inevitable that you get into situations that pose danger to you and those around you.  In these cases, your reliable towing services company will be one of the first people you need to call. In the unfortunate event that you get into an accident, you want to call in the right people to help you.  That would be the police for car accidents involving other vehicles or causing personal injury or property damage.  When everything has been settled and you cannot drive your car off the road, a towing company like Central Towing would be of great assistance.  You need quick and efficient towing services to say the least.  You also want the towing personnel to be courteous and personable.  You are already in a bind and dealing with service personnel who are in a foul mood could make things even worse. You would also need reliable towing services when your car breaks down unexpectedly while you are on the road.  There is no use blaming yourself for not taking your car in for its regular maintenance check over the weekend or for missing that routine oil check before you drive your car out of your garage.  You need help immediately so that you can take your car to the repair shop and get it running as soon as possible.  Calling Central Towing will give you the help that you need within a short period of time. Central Towing flat bed tow truckWhile you cannot avoid calling towing services altogether, there are ways for you to keep your calls to these companies at a minimum.  Take note of these tips:

  1. Take care of your car – responsible car ownership comes with regular tasks that you should faithfully do.  This means taking the car in for maintenance checks every so many miles on your odometer.  Do not forget your routine car check every time you take your car out for a drive. No matter how busy your schedule is, it pays to make time for your car care tasks.
  2. Drive safely – knowing road rules and driving regulations are not only good for passing your driving test and getting your license.  You have to follow them on the road.  Be mindful of traffic signs and of other vehicles around you.  Practice defensive driving.
  3. Have the right mindset and be patient - being stuck in traffic or being overtaken by another vehicle are just some of the situations that can really bum out a driver. If you let your emotions get the better of you, you might find yourself in trouble, or you may even risk the lives of other people in the process. As you sit in your car waiting for that traffic congestion to clear, do your best to just relax and remember that your life is much more important than making your road trip shorter.
We do provide free towing services to our shop when e do the repair of your car or truck. Make sure you ask about our Free Towing that we offer. Learn more about our free towing service options. Our location:

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Safety Tips When Towing A Large Heavy Duty Trailer

When it comes to towing a trailer there are several key aspects you need to follow and understand before towing a large trailer. One of the most important tips is to make sure your truck can handle towing a large trailer or 5th wheel. Towing is a very demanding activity and proper tires play a big part in being able to perform it safely. For most of us, the best bet is to visit one of your trusted local tire stores, who will have all the tire replacement and tire towing capacity figures right at his or her fingertips. They can recommend the best replacement tire (often several), which will meet your mission and budget requirements.  
Top 5 Best Tips on How to Safely Tow Your Trailer [Video]However, this is a complicated topic as there are exemptions for RV haulers and some regulations vary at a State level.

Know the Max Weight Ratings of the Truck and Trailer

Despite having the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) which is defined by the truck’s classification (midsize, half-ton, XD, or Heavy Duty), each truck configuration has its own max towing and max payload ratings. This most importantly depends on precise curb weight of the truck. Manufacturers specify all maximum weight ratings, including each Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR), but options of each individual truck determine its curb weight. The best way to find out the curb weight is to weigh the truck (and trailer) on a certified truck scale, which can be found at interstate truck stops or agricultural centers. This determines how much payload you have available (GVWR minus the curb weight), and maximum trailer weight you can move. Every trailer has its own GVWR, and this is generally determined by the trailer axle rating. Just like it’s a bad idea to overload the truck, it’s also a bad idea to overload the trailer. Axle bearing, spindle, or tires can fail if the vehicle is overloaded.

Towing Laws and Regulations

Heavy duty pickup trucks are getting so capable that all one-ton (3500 or Class 3) trucks are rated at over 26,000 lbs of Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR). If your truck and trailer are rated at over 26,001 lbs when you combine their capacities, then a Commercial Driving License (CDL) may be required. However, this is a complicated topic as there are exemptions for RV haulers and some regulations vary at a State level. We discuss this topic in more detail in the book, but we recommend that you check with your local Department of Transportation office for state-specific requirement. Another example is the towing speed limit. For example, California limits all vehicles with trailers to 55 MPH. Most other states do not have a special speed limit for towing. Read all the tips here at Top 5 Best Tips on How to Safely Tow Your Trailer [Video] - The Fast Lane
A towing job is not the best business to get into, especially since not every single towing job is met with smiling faces or with a ton of positivity in general. However, there are companies and service personnel out there who are doing what they can to make the entire ordeal less of a hassle for everyone who is involved. Today, policemen, towing companies, carriers, and even the car owners themselves are participating in a movement to improve the way the business of towing is perceived. Those who work in the towing business are also finding ways in order to make their jobs more secure, fast, and fair.  These are definitely great strides in the industry. When you are towing a trailer or 5th wheel and things go wrong, that is usually when we get the call.

Safety Accessories

Tire pressuring monitoring systems are standard equipment in many new vehicles today. Proper tire pressure reduces tire wear and improves fuel efficiency. So what - neither of those are safety issues, right? Everyone who has spent time on the road has seen shredded chunks of tire strewn across the asphalt, indicative of a catastrophic tire failure. This can happen to you, especially in a motorhome or large trailer. You’re cruising down the highway without a care in the world. But one of your tires has developed a slow leak. As you drive the tire pressure drops. The more the pressure drops, the more the tire flexes – as it rolls from the flat spot when it is under load, to it’s round shape when it is not (about 435 times every kilometre at 100 kph). Every time it flexes it generates heat and the tire gets hotter. If you’re driving on a hot day, at a faster speed, and/or under heavy load (sound familiar?), the tires’ temperature rises more quickly. Every tire will shred into vulcanized strips of rubber carcass when they get hot enough. Remember the Firestone tire recall for Ford Explorers in 2000? Over 250 deaths and 3,000 serious injuries as a result of tread separation - usually at higher speeds, in hot climates and under heavy load. Tire pressure monitoring systems are available as an aftermarket item for your motorhome, truck and trailer. You can often install them yourself and an alarm will sound if one of your tires is too low. Some will give you a tire pressure readout so you can inflate any low tires to the proper inflation. Now you are safer, more fuel-efficient and you’ll save money with improved tread life. Read more at Hi Tech - RV Safety Part 1 - SunCruiser
5th Wheel Towing in Phoenix - Central TowingFirstly, the towing business has no national regulation. Basically, people follow the existing laws in a specific state, region, or town. There is no nationwide solution to towing problems. Problems in towing are usually just resolved by the people involved or with the use of the existing local rules, which can obviously vary depending on where you are in the country. One towing company may find it easy to do business in one state, but could find it difficult to do so in another. Secondly, there are difficulties that exist when it comes to building communication bridges with other people. Towing companies have had a negative impression on people for many years, mainly due to the nature of their job and the attitudes that people have mainly associated with those in the towing industry. Most towing companies are even being labelled as irresponsible and corrupt, making it difficult for people to trust them. Learn more about our motorhome and 5th wheel towing here. Additional tips can be found by visiting the following posts: Motorhome Driving Tips to Prevent Rollovers      

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Motorhome Driving Tips To Prevent Rollovers

Motorhomes and RV's are highly susceptible to Rollover Accidents - Be Safe!

Towing services are everywhere nowadays - yet they don't all job specifically the exact same. In a lot of cases, if you instantly finish up requiring a tow after normal working hours, you're in a great deal of trouble as few firms operate at those times. Of program, as long as you're relentless, there's constantly a method to resolve those troubles - and in this case, you simply have to recognize which towing business in your town supply a 24/7 company!

Motorhomes at higher risk for rollover accidents – RV Travel

rollover-motorhomeIf you drive a motorized RV, your chances of a rollover are higher than if you drive a passenger car. Here, from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), is advice why rollovers happen and how to prevent them. Rollovers are complex crash incidents and are particularly violent in nature. Rollovers, more so than other types of crashes, reflect the interaction of the driver, road, vehicle, and environmental factors. So while vehicle type does play a significant role, other factors such as driver behavior and road and environmental conditions can also cause a vehicle to roll over. Vehicle Type — All types of vehicles can rollover. However, taller, narrower vehicles such as SUVs, pickups, vans and RVs have higher centers of gravity, and thus are more susceptible to rollover if involved in a single-vehicle crash. Speed — Fatal rollover crashes are speed-related more often than fatal non-rollover crashes. Some 40% of fatal rollover crashes involved excessive speeding . Additionally, nearly three-quarters of fatal rollovers took place where the posted speed limit was 55 miles per hour or higher. Motorhomes at higher risk for rollover accidents – RV Travel
  Even if you are a driver who has never had an accident or citation, RV towing security must be a priority for you if you are intending on towing a trailer or dolly behind your motorized RV. This is a fairly typical practice amongst RVers, since they may like to tow a boat or automobile behind their RV. RV towing safety takes extra time and additional preventative measures, but it will be worth it. When you combine an RV that might weigh anywhere from 12,000 to over 40,000 pounds completely loaded and add an added 1,000 to 5,000 pounds, there are guaranteed RV towing security issues to be worried about.

Advancing the motorhome industry - Motorhome News - New & Used Motorhome & Campervan Reviews - Out and About Live safety, use of advanced materials such as composites in motorhome manufacturing and new innovations for the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show. These were just three themes discussed and debated at the NCC’s (National Caravan Council) recent Motorhome Forum, attended by manufacturers, dealers, and service companies all engaged in the motorhome sector. 1. Building motorhomes that are lighter and more fuel-efficient is important to everyone, so could composite technology help manufacturers? Composite materials are already used in the automotive industry with BMW, in particular, at the forefront of innovation. Working with and on behalf of the industry, the NCC will now have a greater focus on how similar technology could be used to build motorhomes in the future. 2.  Product safety is paramount. That’s why all new motorhomes placed onto the market for sale in the UK must, by law, be either European Whole Vehicle Type Approved, National Small Series Approved or National Individual Vehicle Approved. These cover the base vehicle. NCC Product Approval complements this, providing proof that the habitation area complies with all relevant safety standards. Together it gives end users peace of mind that the motorhome they are purchasing is safe for use on the road and as living accommodation. It was agreed that the NCC will continue raising awareness of these approvals so that consumers are better able to recognise, in particular, the NCC Approved badge and truly understand the benefits of buying Approved motorhomes. Advancing the motorhome industry - Motorhome News - New & Used Motorhome & Campervan Reviews - Out and About Live To get more information about Central Towing's motorhome towing services and roadside assistance helping RV drivers, read more from one of these posts: Expert RV or Motorhome towing  

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Types of Lightweight Vehicles We Tow

Are You Looking For a Reliable Towing Service?

The US Federal Highway Administration is fully committed on the construction, preservation and improvement of the nation’s bridges, tunnels and highways. This is evident on the projects and amounts of money that it has been utilizing for road safety. While this has significantly improved road and travel conditions for motorists, it can never totally eliminate the possibility of roadside emergencies. This is the reason why towing services will always be needed out there. Towing-ServicesRoadside emergencies are not limited to crashes or collisions. A driver may call a towing company because his or her engine died. It could also be about a tire blowout and there is a need for a new tire to be delivered on-site. It is also possible that the vehicle needs to be brought to the nearest service center or garage. Whatever the case may be, it matters to know which towing company to call.   Many drivers choose our towing company in advance and they know the benefits of doing so. This enables them to choose a towing service company well. In the process of selection, one of the main things that drivers must look into is the service capability of the company. One of these is the kind of vehicles we tow. Since a large majority of road users in the United States use light vehicles, this is where the services of towing companies should really focus. It is a good thing to find a towing company with the latest equipment and skilled manpower to provide services to all types of lightweight vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has already provided a guide on how to classify vehicles into the lightweight category. Good towing companies are supposed to know about this and they should adjust their equipment accordingly. The curb weight range of 1,500 to 8,400 pounds covers most of the vehicles that are seen on US highways. These include passenger cars (mini, light, compact, and medium), SUVs, and small pickups. When it comes to lightweight towing services, one of the best in the industry is Central Towing. We are experienced in providing a wide range of services related to roadside emergencies. Our tow trucks are capable of handling all types of lightweight vehicles. We are known for our excellent customer services. Because we have been operating for many years within the Maricopa County, AZ, we know where to find the best garages and service centers. Mikes_Auto_Repair This means that our people can recommend the nearest garages when conventional roadside servicing won’t work on a customer’s vehicle. Of course, customers still have the final decision as to where they want their cars to be towed. This is an assurance that the car owner will get the best possible car repair services. We also have an auto repair shop in Phoenix and when you have your vehicle towed to our shop for repairs, we provide the towing at no cost. We value our customers and want to be a resource for you to not only get your vehicle towed, but also repaired. Learn more about our free towing program and auto repair shop at Central Towing can also provide true emergency services like jump-starting, wreck towing and lockout assistance. Our medium duty services are also guaranteed to match needs of clients. This means that we will make sure that towed vehicles are taken care of properly and there is no need to spend extra on good customer services. Getting those lightweight vehicles towed anywhere in Maricopa county shouldn’t be hard at all. With just a phone call, Central Towing will send our people to anywhere you are. We are ready to respond to towing requests 24/7. This is a promise that we have continuously fulfilled through the years. As an owner of a lightweight vehicle who regularly travels through the highways of Maricopa County, it is your duty to be ready for roadside emergencies. Save the contact numbers of Central Towing on your phone today and have a good level of peace of mind every time you go out on the road. Enjoy easy access to reliable lightweight vehicle towing services!

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Long Distance Large Vehicle Towing

While not many people consider such situations to be likely, there are instances when you will be in need of a long distance towing service. Such a task is definitely not going to be simple, especially if it involves the moving of large vehicles. To get this task done successfully, it is necessary to hire a long distance large vehicle towing service that you can trust. If you live at or near Phoenix, Arizona, there is one name you can trust: Central Towing.   Before going further, you may be asking yourself one question: what are the situations where you will need long distance towing? You may be surprised about this, but there are numerous situations when such services are necessary, and such situations are not all that uncommon.

  1. When buying/selling a large vehicle from a remote location - When you are purchasing a heavy vehicle from a remote location, of course you got to have your ride towed to your address. Instead of driving the vehicle from its original location to your place, it’s more convenient to have it towed to your address. The same holds true if you’re selling your heavy vehicle. As part of your deal, you can have the vehicle towed to the new owner’s address.
  2. When your vehicle is immobilized - Getting a long distance commercial vehicle towing service makes sense if the vehicle is immobilized for any reason. This may be due to an accident, some damaged part/s, or a long period of misuse. Whether you want your ride sent to the dealer, the repair guy, or the scrapyard, you’ll need to give your ride a lift. This is where a good towing service can help you.
  3. When you want to reduce wear - Wear and tear can be a huge issue when it comes to some vehicles. If you want to keep your ride as pristine as possible before it gets into action, you can have it towed to your desired destination. This makes sense if your vehicle is either on the fragile side or if it’s simply impractical to drive it for long distances. Towing can also be helpful if you want your vehicle to get to its destination faster.
You may avail of a towing service for a variety of reasons. Regardless of your reason, it is important to get the right towing service provider. This is where Central Towing comes into the picture. We stand out for the quality of service we provide for our clients. It all starts with the right equipment. We carry the latest and the best towing equipment to carry even large vehicles to their respective destinations safely. Furthermore, we employ people who are capable of handling different towing jobs while also providing topnotch customer service. Our towing specialists are trained to complete towing assignments safely. If you are looking for a long distance large vehicle towing service in Arizona, make sure to get it from Central Towing. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will be there any time you need our services, even during the event of an emergency. Our services are also priced fairly, so you won’t have to worry about overspending on high towing rates. We also accept towing services covered by insurance. Give us a call today so you can have a better idea on how our services work. To get a quick quote, make sure to let us know of vital information such as the type of vehicle to be transported, the location of the vehicle, and the point of delivery.  

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Always Be Ready For Towing Vehicles

During summer you want to spend time with your family outdoors. Ensuring that you get to those destinations safely is essential. These are the tips that can help you before you go.

  • Go slow, low speeds will help you have better control of the truck and the trailer
  • Remember that the weight of the trailer can push you forward causing accidents make sure that you don’t overload your trailer and avoid sudden stops to prevent this.
  • Having a trailer brake controller will also help the trailer to push you forward
  • Allow more space when driving and make all the necessary adjustments.
Get those things to our getaway destination, safety is essential. General Motors provided this handy towing info-graphic. These are really great tips you can use before you head out. The best advice I can give is to simply go slow.  Lower speeds help you better command the truck and trailer when weight is pushing from behind.  If you have a trailer brake controller, that will help too. Think of towing as both art and etiquette – you need more room than normal when driving so make the adjustments with the wheel accordingly.  Take your time and remember: never pull into an area you cannot get out of. From novice to experienced hauler, this GM info-graphic is a tremendous reference. Originally found at
5th Wheel Towing in Phoenix - Central TowingAll vehicles have a maximum towing capacity. Check your vehicles handbook to make sure that you will not exceed these recommendations. Make sure that the weight of the tow vehicle is more than the weight of the trailer. If the trailer is heavier its weight will push your vehicle when braking causing the rig to become unstable. When towing on the off road or slippery conditions you need to use a four wheel drive. Before towing a trailer make sure that your suspension is in good condition. Contact your car dealer if your vehicle has a self leveling suspension for any specific instructions. Make sure that the tow bar is fitted and has sufficient capacity to tow your trailer.
1”. Hitching-up — if the process becomes a bugbear, it might be worth investing in a hitching aid, such as a rear-view camera.
  1. Practise without the horses— until you’re happy with how the trailer handles in motion, it’s probably a good idea to leave the horses at home and practise driving it empty.
  2. Spacial awareness— because most trailers are wider than the towing vehicle, judging the correct road position can be challenging. While you need to allow enough kerbside space so the trailer is not bouncing along the pavement, you don’t want to be dangerously close to the centre white lines. Jon Phillips at the Organisation of Horsebox and Trailer Owners (OHTO) recommends using your wing mirrors to gauge positioning, fitting mirror extensions if you can’t see past the trailer sides.
  3. Losing control— if trailer snaking occurs, resist the temptation to correct it with the steering wheel. “Hold the wheel straight and brake gently until the trailer comes back under control,” says Jon. “Don’t try to accelerate through it — the snaking might get worse before it gets better.”
  4. Going uphill— engines work hard climbing hills, so be vigilant for overheating on an undulating road. Select a low gear for the descent and use the engine as a brake to maintain control.” Read more at
  Before towing, you need to familiarize yourself with the proper set up and its part therefore you can check it and  do any  the necessary adjustments yourself to avoid accidents. A lot of accidents with a trailer is caused by improper assembly to help you avoid accidents These are the things that you need to know to help your driving with a trailer in tow
  • Hitching up- it is the process of connecting the trailer to the tow vehicle. If it becomes difficult for you may want to consider buying a hitching aid or a rear view camera to help you with the process.
  • You can practice driving it empty until you are satisfied to handle it in motion.
  • Allow more space when driving trailers are wider than the towing vehicle you need to correctly judge your road position to avoid bouncing up into the pavement or dangerously close to the white center lines. A wing mirror will help you gauge your positioning.
  • When a trailer snaking happens to you avoid trying to correct it with the steering wheel instead hold the wheel straight and gently brake until you gain back your control. Never try to accelerate through it.
  • When you’re going uphill your engine is vulnerable to overheating. Use low gear during decent and use engine brake to maintain control.
rv-motor home towing If you find yourself in a difficult situation and need a towing company to assist you, Central Towing provides heavy duty towing, commercial towing, motor home towing, rv towing and long distance towing in Phoenix, AZ. Get in touch with us right away and see how Central Towing can help you.

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Roadside Assistance Types That Central Towing Helps With

Do you know that Central Towing offers a variety of roadside assistance types for anyone in a bind? Whether you have a large RV that's stuck on the side of the road, or you locked yourself out of a vehicle, they can send a professional out to assist. Get to know more about why you should hire them here! Have you ever locked yourself out of your vehicle and didn't know what you can do to get back into it? Some people debate on whether or not it would be okay to break a window, especially if they need to get somewhere fast. Don't do that; it's far cheaper to work with Central Towing than it is to damage your vehicle so you can get back in. Even if you try things like using a hanger to get into your vehicle, you could damage it, and that damage will probably cost more than getting help.  

Maricopa County Emergency Assistance

You can get help anywhere in Maricopa County if you have a medium duty type of vehicle you need help with towing. Central Towing will send out someone that is trained not only in getting your vehicle to a safe place without damage, but they also are well versed in customer service so you know that they will be easy to work with. During a time like this, it is already a pain to have to deal with the situation and the towing professionals they'll send out will help to make the situation go as best it can. What do you do if you're broken down but you're in a heavy duty type of vehicle like an RV? Central Towing can help with this as well, so you're not stuck for too long on the side of the road. When you have a problem like this, it can be difficult to diagnose what is going on when you're on a busy roadside. Not to mention, nobody driving by is going to have the equipment to help you. You can get roadside assistance quickly so you can get your RV or another type of heavy duty vehicle to a shop to get it taken care of. Emergencies are not going to happen when you expect them to. This is why there are people on call 24/7 that Central Towing can send out anywhere within Maricopa County so that you're not stuck there for long. People tend to have problems when they least expect it, such as on a holiday or even in the middle of the night. You can rest assured that someone will be there for you quickly, and they are just a phone call away. Learn more about all the Central Towing services here. Now that you can see what types of roadside assistance Central Towing can help with, you can work with them whenever you need to. Make sure you have them programmed into your phone at (602) 277-3200 so that you can get in touch with them when you're in an emergency situation or just need help.

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